Fieldscope is an online marketplace and task-management platform that helps the social-impact sector find trusted service providers for their short-term project needs. We’re an early stage social enterprise currently in beta mode.
A Beta product means we’re a work in progress! We are slowly integrating new features to meet our users’ needs.
Features in the pipeline include:
  • On-platform messaging
  • Additional provider services to streamline your remote-work needs in one space
If you get stuck or discover a problem, send us a message from the support button on the upper right corner of the website. This only helps us improve our beta product and give our users a better experience in the future.
We’re excited to be a part of a changing ecosystem for social impact that’s driven by efficiency, optimization and creating opportunity.
  • As a client, talent acquisition through on-the-ground partners and other network referrals may not always result in the optimal match for quality and cost.
  • As a service provider, limited geographic scope or lack of know-how stunts professional growth.
Fieldscope’s marketplace model wants to help bridge this gap so both sides are connected seamlessly allowing for better discoverability, efficient communication, faster task and process management and secure payments. This leaves more time for the people in this sector to do what they’re passionate about- making an impact.