Let’s do good better.

fieldscope is born out of this simple idea.

Our experience in the social impact community convinced us that the status-quo of social sector operations needs to change. Read more about our origin story here.


Reimagine social-sector operations through simple and smart technology.

Priya has worked with the development sector for almost a decade.

Her experience includes working with a consortium of partners including the University of Toronto, Emory University, CARE, World Vision and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

She has niche expertise in balancing the rigor of academic research with the practicalities of on-the-ground programs. She specialises in evaluation design, impact measurement and knowledge translation. She has published and presented internationally on her work on program evaluations set in Bihar, India.

Priya is optimistic about the role of technology, when used in the right context, to catalyze positive social change at scale for India. Priya holds a Master’s degree in Global Public Health from Emory University, USA.

Nav has tinkered with computers ever since he was little — his childhood curiosity has evolved into a driving ambition to always build the next interesting thing.

Nav's career has thus far been bookended with two tech giants: Microsoft and Apple.

In-between the entrepreneurial bug got the better of him. Since 2010, he has co-built and successfully exited two companies: The Shared Web in New York, NY and WiFiSLAM in Silicon Valley.

His expertise is in building technology and turning them into products. Nav is excited to apply his tech skills to social enterprise in India.

Nav holds a Computer Engineering degree from University of Waterloo, Canada.